What are 4 Essential Tips about Laser Hair Removal?

Looking for essential tips about laser hair removal? With the passage of time, permanent laser hair removal treatment has become common. After waxing, shaving and plucking, you often take the plunge into laser hair removal treatment. But there are so many questions in your mind before taking the treatment. Is this hurt? How much does the treatment cost? How many sessions I have to take for permanent removal of my hair? From whom I have to get this treatment? What will be its outcome? What are the pros and cons of this treatment? To get the answers to your questions, your first and foremost preference is the internet. That’s why we are here to provide you with the best possible tips about laser hair removal.

This treatment has become popular these days. The market for laser hair removal treatment is growing at an astounding pace. If you want to remove your hair by using laser then commercial laser machines are best as compared to at-home machines. Everybody wants to get rid of their unwanted hair permanently and her is the solution, “the laser hair removal treatment”. Now, we have 4 essential tips about laser hair removal that is a must know:

Laser Hair Removal Essential Tips

Don’t Wax or Tweeze before Treatment

It’s important to remember that you must not tweeze or get waxed before the laser hair removal treatment as it will hinder the best results of the laser. The laser works in a way to remove the hair follicles (hair from the roots) by applying an optimum beam of light over the target area. If you have decided to take the laser treatment then you must stop tweezing, plucking and waxing. Waxing and shaving are hair removal methods but temporary. All the methods of hair removal can’t be applied to your skin simultaneously. However, you can use a razor for shaving. Shaving adds up to the best of results, achieved through the laser hair removal treatment.

All Hair can’t be Lasered

A laser is not a person so it cannot see like an eye. It does work but according to its own functioning method. The laser works best on the skin with a darker tone and darker hairs as compared to light hair and skin with a lighter tone. There is a specialty of laser that it can see the dark follicles easily and remove them permanently while lighter hairs don’t have enough follicles to be seen. All hairs are not equal in the eyes of the laser so the results are also not equal. Don’t expect too much. Try to see the facts, try to see the pros and cons so as to choose the best method to remove your hair permanently.

You will Need to Take Multiple Sessions

It’s a fact that you will need to take multiple sessions for getting rid of your unwanted hair permanently. A single session is of no use. All the follicles could not be removed in a single session. Permanent hair removal takes about a minimum of five to seven sessions. You have to make multiple appointments with your consultant. Laser hair removal is best performed when done on the hairs which are in their active growth phase and this happens only once in six months. It gradually destroys the hair follicles thus permanently removing the hair. Repeated sessions are needed to treat the hair follicles when they are in their growth phase. The average cycle of laser hair removal can be between three to ten sessions.

It’s normal to Feel Post-Treatment Irritation

As the laser applies the beam of light onto the body parts and destroys the hair follicles then it’s normal to feel irritation on the targeted area after the treatment. Whenever, hairs are removed from any body part whether, through waxing, plucking or laser, you will feel irritation over that body part as it is normal. If you are feeling any inconvenience, it will be fine after a day of treatment. You may feel swelling on the hair follicles around the targeted area but it’s just as normal as the irritation that will last in a few days. In case, you are feeling persistent irritation and swelling then you can use ice or cool compress for relaxation.



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