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Repeated coloring, hair straighteners, hair dryers ... many gestures intended to sublimate us tend to weaken the hair fiber. Result, our hair is dry, brittle, forked, dull, brief they are damaged.

Here is our Intense Nutrition Mask to heal and restore a silky hair full of life.

Transform your dry, damaged and lifeless hair into shiny hair in just 5 seconds!



Too many chemicals from hair styles and frequent salon visits damage our hair, years of damage can be difficult to repair with a simple daily shampoo.

This mask is meticulously formulated with advanced molecular technology treatment to penetrate deep into the roots, target and strengthen hair follicles.

It replenishes hair nutrients and adds protection to the cuticle to improve overall hair health.

It also promotes the growth and permanent natural shine of hair while making it smooth.

keratine mask

Our care considerably improves the softness of your hair.

Results visible IMMEDIATELY!

-Strengthens hair to correct and prevent split ends, makes it easier to comb and more supple.

-Feeds frizzy and dull hair, restores it to ULTRA-SMOOTH, GREAT and incredibly GLOWY!

-Restores hair's nutrients and adds protection to the cuticle, improving the overall health of your hair.



Display shiny, bouncy hair that looks like it's been treated by professionals.

Thanks to an advanced molecular treatment based on botanical extracts and argan oil.

-Perfect for all hair types

-Infused with natural botanical ingredients and argan oil. It will provide your hair with a soft and pleasant texture

-No more coming to the hair salon for hair repair 

- Nourishes frizzy and dull hair, restores it to ULTRA-SMOOTH, GLOWING and incredibly GLOWY! 

-Strengthens hair to correct and avoid split ends, makes it easier to manage and more dynamic

-Concentrated, you only need a small amount to deeply moisturize, restore and smooth your hair. Our product can last you several weeks.

-Suitable for natural, coloured hair, it enhances the complexion of your hair by making it more radiant.

Argan oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Pure hydrolyzed keratin, Prokeratin, Glycine, Butyrospermum butter (Shea butter), Olive oil, Mango extracts, Peppermint oil, Mauritia Flexuosa fruit oil, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, avocado extracts.

Our mask is certified without ALCOHOL, PARABEN, SILICONE and PEG.

Product not tested on animals.

Capacity: 60ML for use up to 3 months.

  1. After washing your hair, apply a small amount in your palm (a dab of hazelnut) and massage your hair with your fingertips to help it absorb nutrients faster.
  1. Let the treatment rest. The setting time depends on your hair but 5 minutes is the ideal time for nutrients to be absorbed. 
  1. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.
  1. Immediately notice softer, smoother hair!


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